4Elements workshops Hip Hop way to festival success!

Beginning next week, Bankstown Youth Development Service (BYDS), alongside with Vyva Entertainment will present a series of hip hop related workshops conducted with rappers and industry professionals. The workshop series will be held at the Bankstown Arts Centre as part of the 4Elements Hip Hop Festival.  Areas such as music, dance and street art will be covered.

What will be covered in the 4Elements workshops?

In the music workshops you’ll develop your skills in music creation and writing; while in the dance workshops you’ll participate in the celebration of past, present and future of hip hop dance and in the street art workshops you’ll develop the basic skills and foundation of street, visual arts and design

One such mentor for these workshops will be L-Fresh The Lion, who’ll be mentoring those taking the music workshops.

L-Fresh is renowned for his powerful presence, inspiring live shows and thought-provoking lyricism. In a short space of time, the Western Sydney artist has gone from underground community events and ciphers to national tours and major festivals. It speaks of an MC with a sense of purpose and self-belief.

L-Fresh is one of the many workshop tutors ready to kick off these workshops on the 16th February at 6pm. Participants of the workshops will have the opportunity to be involved in the 4Elements Hip Hop Festival being held on Saturday 19th of March.

Register your interest by contacting Vyvienne@vyvaentertainment.com or register for the workshops here!

4elements workshops

4elements workshops