“To inspire local young artists and to deliver sustainable cultural programs that invigorate the local Bankstown community.”

Outloud (formerly BYDS – Bankstown Youth Development Service) is a community arts based cultural development organisation located at the Bankstown Arts Centre. Outloud has for the last twenty years instigated innovative arts and cultural projects leading to profound and lasting changes amongst the communities of Bankstown and South West Sydney. Outloud was incorporated in 1987. Funding for an arts position began in June 1991, initially for three years from a WSAAS (Western Sydney Area Assistance Scheme) grant. The NSW Ministry for the Arts (now Create NSW) adopted the Outloud program in 1994. Since then, the State Government, through a variety of programs, has funded the position on an annual basis. Outloud now receives annual funding from Create NSW.

Outloud is well-known across Western and South Western Sydney for creating, in collaboration with the community and other partners, a constant stream of intelligent and challenging community based art works. Outloud draws upon the philosophy of skills transfer and community cultural development, using the arts to build the creativity and capability of individuals and communities. The majority of Outloud work is with young people from diverse cultural backgrounds, Indigenous communities and the elderly. Outloud has developed and mentored a generation of younger artists proficient in different artforms (performance, theatre, multimedia, dance, drama, writing etc). Outloud is recognised for its expertise at producing community based arts projects unique for their cross-disciplinary, cross-generational and culturally diverse nature. Outloud is a non-profit organisation that works in partnership with other organisations and institutions: Bankstown City Council, Urban Theatre Projects (UTP) and the University of Western Sydney Writing and Society Research Group to name a few.

In 2006, Outloud was placed on the Federal Government’s Cultural Organisations register. This means that Outloud is now a tax deductible entity. Institutions and individuals can donate funds and property to Outloud and receive a tax deductible receipt.


  1. To improve the quality of life for young people through access to arts and cultural programs by:
    • Supporting existing initiatives and young and emerging local artists
    • Providing access and appropriate resources to emerging artists and communities
    • Designing and managing specific programs to meet the needs of local young people
  2. To raise public awareness and understanding of local young people and their positive contribution to the arts, the community and Australian society.
  3. To use arts and cultural tools to address issues that affect young people.
  4. To build and support the arts and cultural infrastructure of the Bankstown area and actively attract relevant arts and cultural resources to the area.

Outloud is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW