BYDS Breakdown – April Newsletter

Dear people,

Some news worth mentioning as we wait for Autumn to bring cooler weather. We launched a new RESPECT video at Georges Hall, ‘Violence is Not the Answer’ to much excitement and acclaim. We were informed that our RESPECT project had achieved ‘promising’ status with the Australian Institute of Family Studies – making it our first Community Arts based project to receive a stamp of effectiveness and approval from an academic institution.

Stefo Nantsou and a scaled down cast were invited to perform some beautiful monologues and songs from To Be Honest at the launch of Catholic Care’s new family dispute resolution centre on March 28th.

I will also be travelling to Finland in June to deliver a paper at the International Oral History conference where I will speak about 25 years of Oral History practice here in Bankstown.

Please enjoy a little break down below of our work below…

Tim Carroll, Director

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BYDS Breakdown – March Newsletter

Dear People,

Autumn is here but it is still hot and humid. We run projects here at BYDS that match professional artists with young people, passing on skills and knowledge that the school system is not designed to do. We appreciate that schools welcome us in on that basis: Stories of Strength, LinkedUp, Root & Branch and of course, our much loved RESPECT, all bring different kinds of focus with the ultimate aim of enhancing the potential within participants. We are not blind to the challenges that we currently face as homelessness and inequality grow, but make our way forward utilising a philosophy of putting arts and culture at the centre of all our practice.  

Tim Carroll, Director

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BYDS Breakdown February Newsletter

Dear people,

2018 is rushing by at an alarming rate and we have already run a very successful season of To Be Honest, launched Stories of Strength at Parliament house and have two new songs in the pipeline for our RESPECT project. It will be a relentless and fruitful year and we look forward to having you with us as participants, as audience and supporters. Unlike so many organisations that make the claim, BYDS is a trusted and vital part of this community and works in and with it at every step. As Tania Mihailuk stated in parliament last week, “I acknowledge BYDS and thank it for its amazing work over more than 25 years supporting our young people.” 

Tim Carroll, Director

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BYDS Breakdown – January Newsletter

Dear People,

The first month of 2018 has almost passed. It’s hot and humid, despite the beautiful North Easterly fanning us here in Bankstown. Schools went back this week and we here at BYDS are already gearing up for a busy season. We hope that you can support the work that we execute here as the longest running professional arts organisation in the region, by participating, attending and sharing.  I hope to see you at the events below.

Tim Carroll, Director

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BYDS Breakdown December Newsletter

Dear People,

Another year comes to an end. 2017 was a fantastically creative one for BYDS and I would love to pay tribute to the artists that made it happen: 

Our RESPECT program hits new heights with six new songs being produced to acclaim both artistic and socially.  Our understanding of issues pertaining to domestic and family violence and how we can intervene in young people’s understanding around that continues to grow – huge praise to Craig Taunton and his team: Zainab Kadhim,  Bilal Hafda, David Miller & Tim Wall. The Smith Family C4C program funded RESPECT, thank you. 

Root and Branch, Stories of Strength, Linked Up, Bankstown Poetry Slam & 4ELEMENTSall showed how excellent, professional artists working with community can change lives for the better and bring people to new knowledge.

Our first newsletter of 2018 will reveal our annual program – To Be Honest of course will be the first artistic cab off the rank. See below. 

On a personal note I would like to thank all of the people, institutions and organisations that worked with us, supported us and helped us deliver what we do so well to so many people from the Bankstown and surrounding areas.  

Tim Carroll, Director

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BYDS Breakdown – October Newsletter

Dear people,

It has been a few months since we have issued a BYDS newsletter. I was sadly incapacitated and hospitalised due to an injury resulting from one of my varied sporting activities. After surgery, I am on the mend and getting stuck into the huge array of wonderful opportunities that our various programs offer our community. To all of those who sent their positive thoughts to me I thank you, it definitely helped bring me back. I also turned sixty years of age and celebrated 26 years here at BYDS: a big year by most measures.

Whilst away, the incredible team that I am privileged to work with, stepped up and not only maintained but exceeded all expectations. I wish to publicly thank them for these efforts: Kevin Ngo, Craig Taunton, Zainab Kadhim, Felix Cross, Bilal Hafda, David Miller, Vyvienne Abla, Stefo Nantsou & Ola Elhassan to name a few.
I hope that you enjoy this snapshot of a few projects that are on the boil or recently completed.

As Bankstown’s longest serving professional arts organisation, matching wonderful local artists with community for much needed social change, I take great joy in presenting this newsletter.  As usual, we welcome your feedback.

Tim Carroll, Director

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To Be Honest – new Australian theatre

New theatre shines a light on untold stories of bravery and challenge

A homeless young woman stinks of Maccas fries as she tries to sleep in her car in the middle of the day.  A boy gets sold by his mother for five thousand dollars. A man on bail tries to get his life back on track. A sister and her brother fight to keep each other in their lives.

All these amazing stories are explored in ‘To Be Honest’: a new Australian theatre work created in collaboration with young people from Canterbury Bankstown and presented by BYDS. Written and directed by Stefo Nantsou, the show examines contemporary stories of cultural displacement, homelessness, cycles of crime and the challenging struggles of some young people living extraordinary lives around the Canterbury Bankstown area.

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BYDS Breakdown – July Newsletter

Dear people,

I had a wonderful trip overseas during April and May. It now seems like a long time ago but images of Sri Lanka and Ireland do flit through my mind, refreshing me during this Sydney Winter. Whilst I was away the work of BYDS in community continued unabated with Kevin, Felix, Vyvienne, Craig, Bilal and Zainab all doing great things in their respective projects. Of particular note was Bankstown Poetry Slam who ran their Real Talk program with nine high schools. The Real Talk finale was something wonderful to be involved in and made me realise yet again why BPS is so important. Thanks to the Scanlon social cohesion fund for making that program happen again in 2017.

Tim Carroll, Director

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BYDS Breakdown – February Newsletter

Dear people, I had a lovely week away at Culburra on the South Coast. I had time to reflect on our own place in history as well as the great beauty that nature permits us to experience on a daily basis. We all know that everything must pass, bad politicians, sad times, love and happiness, but sometimes we need a wake-up call to reinforce that belief and I luckily had mine. 

In that same vein, I saw BPS co-founder Sara Mansour’s grandma perform a beautiful, heartfelt poem in Arabic that I could not understand, only feel. It was the standout performance at the Bankstown Poetry Slam last night for me and highlights why we do the work that we do. She took the stage as an equal alongside experienced spoken word artists and received the biggest applause of the evening.

On a daily basis here at BYDS we facilitate projects that enable: young men to learn how to be respectful to women, school students to step out of their every day and work with highly trained passionate artists – making music, making text and song – we enable young artists to step up and learn new skills, instilling confidence that results in greater ability to be creative in every area of their lives, helps us think outside the boxes or boxes that are made for us and by us.  

Tim Carroll, Director