BYDS Breakdown – January Newsletter

Dear People,

The first month of 2018 has almost passed. It’s hot and humid, despite the beautiful North Easterly fanning us here in Bankstown. Schools went back this week and we here at BYDS are already gearing up for a busy season. We hope that you can support the work that we execute here as the longest running professional arts organisation in the region, by participating, attending and sharing.  I hope to see you at the events below.

Tim Carroll, Director

To Be Honest – Back in a week!

As we finish bumping in the set for To Be Honest, the cast and crew are gearing up for another fantastic season! Purchase your tickets here.

Funded by the Stronger Communities Fund, To Be Honest is the most powerful piece of theatre that BYDS has produced, written and directed by Stefo Nantsou. It needs to be seen by anyone interested in where Australia is now and where it’s heading. Please help us spread the message. Thanks again to YOTS.

Seasoned theatre goer Jon Shaw reviewed the show last year and had this to say on his blog.

To Be Honest will be shown as part of OnStage week and a workshop on monologues and verbatim theatre is also available, details here

HipHop workshops to kick off

There is still time and spots left to sign up to the 4Elements Music Project 7-week workshops in Music, Dance, DJ and Graffiti/Street Art at the Bankstown Arts Centre.

You will have the chance to learn from some of Sydney’s finest mentors who will teach and challenge you as the workshops progress. Registration is now open so don’t miss your chance to either learn a new skill or refine your current technique. All participants get a chance to be on stage at the festival in March.

Register here: