December Newsletter – BYDS Breakdown

2015 was possibly BYDS’ strongest year on record. We produced a non-stop series of sold out events, beautiful meaningful music and books. We changed the attitudes and behaviors of young people in relation to issues as disparate as the environment to domestic violence using an array of arts practice.

We supported the Bankstown Poetry Slam through another year through to an intense, sold out event held at the Art Gallery of NSW: the inaugural Bankstown Poetry Olympics.

All of this was created utilising the skills of fantastic artists grown from our own region, funded by a plethora of partners.



BYDS is a registered charity and any and all donations made to us over $2 can be claimed as a tax deduction. In 2016 we will begin our first ever drive to attract funds through this and we hope that you may be able to become a part of helping us move towards a more sustainable future.

– Tim Carroll

The Prophet: REMIX

After a 3 night run and 2 sold out shows, The Prophet: REMIX was a great hit to say the least.

Those who made their reservations at the Tower in the Sky Restaurant were treated to a night of performances ranging across poetry, original music and even some magic.

A big thank you to everyone who turned up to support the show! And for those who missed out… watch this space

White Ribbon Day 2015!

November 25th is the UN declared “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”- White Ribbon Day. BYDS has been at the forefront of pushing this event in Bankstown for more than a decade – along with Bankstown City Council, we organised the annual “Break The Silence” music concert in Bankstown City Plaza. The concert featured over thirty local young artists who helped the spread the White Ribbon message. A group of young Year 6 boys from Bankstown Public school performed their moving song, ‘Not Right’ to great acclaim.



Craig Taunton, BYDS’ Music Facilitator has been working with groups of boys at Kaningal, Bankstown Public and Yagoona Public school throughout 2015, making songs about respecting women. All of these projects have resulted in a powerful music video – shot by the wonderful Filmotion. “It’s Not Equal” performed by the young men at Yagoona Public can be viewed here. The boys performed this song to a standing ovation at the recent DVNSW Conference at the Sydney Opera House. BYDS looks forward to seeing this project rolling out across another five school in 2016.

Jannawi Dance Clan Residency

In mid-November 2015, Peta Strachan – Jannawi Dance Clan Teacher and Choreographer, partnered with BYDS for 3 days of dance rehearsals in our shared rehearsal space in preparation for the Homeground: Indigenous Arts Festival at the Sydney Opera House.

During their time here, Jannawi reviewed existing choreography and created new work. Existing members were given new opportunities to contribute to the creative process, and two new dancers were brought into the fold, learned the work and performed at Homeground.

BYDS looks forward to consolidating the partnership with Jannawi and Darug descendant, Peta Strachan over 2016 and beyond.

You can see more photos of Jannawi  at the following links below:

Jannawi Dance Clan on Facebook


The Lost 55

BYDS’ artistic year finished with our second offering to the Centenary of ANZAC with the beautifully put together book, The Lost 55. Again designer Alessandro Berini put together a series of historic images supplied by locals alongside text written by Adam Courtenay. Jason Clare MP, who funded the project through his ANZAC centenary committee, launched the book at an intimate event here at the Bankstown Arts Centre. Adam and Jason both highlighted the fact that WW1, like all wars, creates enormous suffering across generations.  If only the by-line of WW1 service medals, “The War to End All Wars”, were true.  Copies of The Lost 55 can be purchased through BYDS.

Happy Holidays to all of our supporters!!