Outloud – a new name

Over the last 27 years, BYDS has initiated and executed over eight hundreds arts and cultural projects with the communities of Bankstown and surrounds. Over that time we helped develop scores of young artists from the area as well as provide a platform for thousands of young people to have their voices heard using high quality community arts.

Our work output has changed over the years, due to changing technology, shifting demography and new and urgent societal issues arising – but our reason for being here and doing what we do over all these years has stayed the same – we engage excellent, local artists and facilitators to transform our community’s ideas, aspirations and stories into engaging, thought provoking art that can be shared across platforms and is always of the highest quality.

It is with that in mind, we’d like to announce that BYDS has a new name.


Outloud represents our purpose; to bring together and support our community and give volume to their voices.

Outloud recognises our evolution into an organisation that continues to support local young people and the many issues that confront them, but recognises that our works reach and deliver beyond Bankstown, connecting and attracting people more broadly than ever.

We will continue to support local creative talent and the expression of multiple voices and perspectives through ongoing programs.

Outloud, amplifying local voices.