Mapping Frictions

Mapping Frictions is an online storytelling platform which celebrates local voices and provides the opportunity to re-invent storytelling about Bankstown and beyond. These are the stories from a place in Western Sydney saturated with a vibrant history and one of the most multicultural areas in Australia.

Headed by Digital Producer, Kavita Bedford, Mapping Frictions seeks to slow down the news cycle and promote a more complex understanding of life in Western Sydney. The project is inspired by the idea of frictions. Friction occurs when things rub against each other, causing eruptions as people in a place push up against one another. But friction also creates energy and with it, can spark new possibilities.

By providing a fresh, bold perspective on Western Sydney in a new multimedia context, the project is an innovative approach to community building and digital storytelling in Australia. These are local stories, but global issues that aim to break down stereotypes and allow people from the west to carve out a space to tell their stories in their own words. Teaming up with a range of emerging and award-winning local photographers, filmmakers and writers, Mapping Frictions seeks to engage with communities, promote understanding, and bring storytelling of Sydney’s diverse regions to life through a digital platform.