The Prophet: REMIX!

The Prophet: REMIX! 28th | 29th | 30th November 2015 Dir. Felix Cross

“And if our hands should meet in another dream, we shall build another tower in the sky.”

Table reservations were filled at the Tower in the Sky Café for a night of decadent sweets, performances, and poetic insight.

Based on the work of poetry on the same name, the show featured over forty local artists articulating each of the 27 chapters of Gibran’s famous book.

At sixteen tables, audience members were invited to ‘dine’ on dishes sweet and piquant through storytelling, spoken word poetry, magic, original song and video.

“The Prophet has stood the test of time, many of the themes and ideas explored are still very relevant today” said BYDS Director Tim Carroll “And I think the effort that all the artists have put in to make the chapters their own is worthwhile to see”

Using the vast skills of the Prophet Ensemble, Director Felix Cross and the three seers transported audience members to a place far beyond our collective imagination.

The show took place for 3 nights on the 27th, 28th and 29th of November