The Way

The Way 1st – 10th October 2015 Dir. Stefo Nantsou

The Way series is one of the Sydney theatre world’s best-kept secrets. For the past four years its group of young actors has created high-energy performances of power and visual impact expressing the realities of living in Western Sydney. Originally produced under the auspices of the Sydney Theatre Company and BYDS (Bankstown Youth Development Service), the series began with “Look the Other Way” (2012) and “The Other Way” (2013) attracting sell-out audiences from those in the know. Now, with the final play of the trilogy, “The Way”, the group is reaching out to invite theatre goers from across Sydney into their lives and imagination.

Reflecting the cultural mix of the Bankstown community, featuring actors from over ten cultural backgrounds, The Way cast of fifty includes veterans of the last two plays plus young people drawn from local high schools.

Director Stefo Nantsou is an inspiring, internationally acclaimed actor/writer/director/musician/clown who began the project in his capacity as resident director at the Sydney Theatre Company (2008-2013). Stefo’s unique way of working with his young cast creates heightened and at times poetic dramas out of their authentic experiences, words and music. The results are moving, convincing and sometimes hilarious — astonishing those who have never before encountered community theatre of such quality and originality.

The Way brings together several storylines as characters meet and intersect over the course of a day in Bankstown:

Gambling addict Minh Tran loses his elderly father newly arrived from Vietnam, the Hajj family’s grandson Mohammed reacts badly to a grilling by immigration authorities on his return with mates from overseas, the Tamati family reunites for a memorial vigil, the Del Sol daughter arrives from Spain to help in a family crisis, Mohammed’s mates appear to be dealing drugs and encounter bride-to-be Zahraa and her girlfriends out for a wild “hens night”. The central characters are seemingly ‘lost’ souls, lost in the world, trying to find their way home.

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