This is my Backyard

This is My Backyard Project is a community-based sustainability project by BYDS in partnership with Bankstown Arts Centre.

The project is assisted by the NSW government through the Environmental Trust. It has also worked with local shop keepers, Bankstown Public School, diverse groups who use the Bankstown Arts Centre as well as environmentally conscious artists, to raise awareness about waste management and explore sustainability.

The many activities engaged in during this time included a song recording about the importance of storm water drains, a “chalk walk”¬†campaign aiming to bring attention to the effects of litter in Bankstown Plaza which flows into Little Salt Pan Creek and eventually to the Georges River, basket weaving workshops with community members using recycled materials while having discussions about sustainable practices before the advent of plastic bags and so on.

The project culminated with a large showcase at the Arts Centre with all groups and individuals involved with the project invited to the event to share the fantastic works that had been created along the way.