Westside Publications

Westside publications is an initiative that BYDS has undertaken over the last ten years. They have followed in the footsteps of two other highly successful publications: ‘Call it Black’  and “Please Explain”

These publications seek to give an audience to the many talented young writers (poetry, prose, plays and essays) and visual artists that live in the Bankstown area.  We have also tried to demonstrate just how excellent our writers are in the medium of English, even though for many of our contributors this is a second language.

To date there have been five Westsides published  – mostly based around  on a theme.

The aim of Westside has been to showcase and highlight the work of young writers and artists from Western Sydney, of of Australia’s most culturally diverse regions. The artists channel the unique and often misrepresented voice of Sydney’s Western Suburbs.

These areas often have a reputation for being dark, dangerous places. The real experiences, beliefs, customs and communities of the people inside yearn to be set free.

The currently anthology we are working on is based around the idea of “My City”