Outloud projects cover theatre, music, literature, dance and multimedia.

We run and resource projects which lead to participants gaining skills in areas such as publishing, music and interview recording, music production, Indigenous dance and language, acting and oral history.

Outloud initiates and partners with other organisations and Canterbury Bankstown City Council across a range of social and education areas helping organise and run events such as White Ribbon Day, NAIDOC Day, Refugee Week etc.

Outloud Patron, Jason Clare MP says Outloud , “Enrich and inspire audiences through innovative arts and cultural projects that portray the voices, experiences and innovative ideas of our diverse community.”


Below are a few of current projects that we run/assist in running at Outloud


Run by Craig Taunton, the RESPECT project focuses on educating boys and young men about the nature and causes of Domestic Violence and how they can lend their voices and lives to being active agents in preventing it. This primary school based project utilises music making over a period of 10-12 weeks with highly trained facilitators to generate an original song that transforms young men into active agents of social change and role models in their schools. This project is currently being assessed by Murdoch university as a model project that leads to long term change in the boys that are a part of it. Funding comes from The Smith Family’s Community for Children project.

COMPACT – Stories of Strength

Funded through Multicultural NSW COMPACT program, Stories of Strength involves training cohorts of young local high school students in professionally interviewing at a level friends, family and neighbours who have a story of strength to tell. These stories are then showcased through various on-line and local platforms such exhibitions at local shopping centres and libraries. Our aim is to share these inspiring stories of resilience with a bigger audience to counter hate and division in our society.

Root and Branch

Funded by the Crown Resorts Foundation, Root and Branch enriches student’s storytelling skills through creative writing, script development, photography and music. The project has been hugely enhanced with the input of Sydney Story Factory volunteers.

The project uses alternative methodologies to best engage students, allowing them to utilise their imagination with little or no restriction.

Workshops are run throughout the school term with a showcase of student’s work at the end of each term at Bankstown Arts Centre. The showcase involves professionally curated performances of the students work, audio and visual displays and more.

Bankstown Poetry Slam

The Bankstown Poetry Slam (BPS) is a not-for-profit community organisation that was founded by UWS students Ahmad Al Rady and Sara Mansour in February of 2013.

With the patronage of the BYDS at the Bankstown Arts Centre, the event happens on the last Tuesday of every month.

BPS is the first regular poetry slam of Western Sydney, and has gained national recognition as the largest regular slam in the country.

Heralding in over 300 people every month, BPS has featured renowned spoken word poets such as Joel McKerrow, Mark Gonzales, Omar Musa and Luka Lesson and offers people of all ages a platform with which to perform their spoken word poetry.

4Elements Music Project

4Elements Music Project is the brain child of Vyvienne Abla and aims to use HipHop, and its ability to engage young people and assist in breaking down barriers. We use the 4 main elements of HipHop culture—emceeing (music), breaking (dance), graffiti (art) and DJing—to help young people find their voice, tell their stories, and belong in their community.

The project involves workshops, a festival and professoinal devlopment. 4EMP spreads the good word of HipHop to the wider community and engages young people who normally wouldn’t appreciate HipHop, we help young people develop a sense of who they are. Through HipHop, these young people are able to share express their value to the community.

4EMP is not just about HipHop. It’s about bringing people together, self-expression, identity and respect.