BYDS is a not-for-profit organisation, primarily relying on the funding from Create NSW for it’s day to day function; as well as smaller grants from organisations such as Bankstown City Council for projects.

Donations to BYDS from individuals allows us to explore our projects to its fullest potential and helps us support the growth of local artists, creation of new work and so much more. We believe the communities from Bankstown and South Western Sydney have plenty to offer through the arts and should be given the chance to do so

To send a cheque or direct deposit, or for further information about giving to BYDS please contact the Director, Tim Carroll on 02 9793 8324 or through

Your support, whether through donations, attending our events or participating in our projects makes the work we do possible – so thanks!

BYDS is a charitable institution and is registered as a deductible gift recipient. All donations made to the Bankstown Youth Development Service Arts Donation Fund of over $2 are tax deductible. On request all donors are issued a tax receipt.