To Be Honest – new Australian theatre

New theatre shines a light on untold stories of bravery and challenge

A homeless young woman stinks of Maccas fries as she tries to sleep in her car in the middle of the day.  A boy gets sold by his mother for five thousand dollars. A man on bail tries to get his life back on track. A sister and her brother fight to keep each other in their lives.

All these amazing stories are explored in ‘To Be Honest’: a new Australian theatre work created in collaboration with young people from Canterbury Bankstown and presented by BYDS. Written and directed by Stefo Nantsou, the show examines contemporary stories of cultural displacement, homelessness, cycles of crime and the challenging struggles of some young people living extraordinary lives around the Canterbury Bankstown area.

BYDS Director Tim Carroll said that he is, “Excited to create a platform for these stories to be heard by a wider audience.” Tim also referred to the cast of actors that Stefo had chosen as, “A fantastic combination of professional and community trained artists, all locals.”

To Be Honest was developed through a series of one to one interviews with young people who regularly attend Youth Off the Streets, Bankstown. Stefo Nantsou workshopped these interviews with local rappers, actors, poets and musicians to further develop the script.

To Be Honest is supported by the City of Canterbury Bankstown and funded by the NSW Government through the Stronger Communities Fund.

Tickets can be bought from it premieres on the 27th of September and wraps up on the 30th of September.