RESPECT launches another winner video

“Assalamu alaikum, Youssef’s my name
To prevent violence is my aim
My heart beats hard when I think about
Domestic violence we can do without “

– Youssef Maarbani

It was my great pleasure today to be a part of the launch of BYDS/Bankstown Public School’s latest RESPECT video, ‘We All Wear the White Ribbon’. We were also there to celebrate the fact that Bankstown Public is now an accredited White Ribbon Day school – where the principles of respecting women and understanding gendered violence in our society are embedded in that school – from top to bottom.

It says so much about that school, the staff and students that we have all been lucky enough to work with. Our video is to most of us ‘the best’ of this series, lyrically, musically & performance wise.

I was blown away and continually amazed by the talents of our Mr Craig Taunton and Mr Fadle El Harris to capture these performances on video and put it together in a way that all can appreciate. We were also very stoked that Jason Clare, Blaxland MP and BYDS’ patron could officially launch this video.

We look forward to many, many more songs and other initiatives that brings attention to this epidemic of violence against women that sometimes seems to get worse, not better. If the boys in this video are a guide however, the future for some is secure and bright.

So happy with this project – changing lives for the better.

– Tim Carroll